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ECUADOR DENTAL TOURISM: BEST DENTIST: Earn a free vacation by having your dental work and other medical procedures done in Ecuador.

Ecuador Dental Tourism

I have traveled almost all countries of Latin America in the context of my consultancy work for the World Bank and United Nations since de mid 70s. While very questionable in the 70s, over time, I have seen the quality of doctors and dentists improve until they were at par with doctors in Europe and the North America. Just to give you an example. About 15 years ago, I had a very painful inflammation at a foot somewhere in Africa. I went to a doctor and got antibiotics shots. Did not help much, but enough to complete my work. At home, in the USA, I went to a doctor and got some more antibiotics treatment. It did not fully disappear, so I tried a specialist. Same treatment, same result and I lived with it for a while.


About half a year later, I was in Ecuador for work and I got another very painful attack. I was taken to a hospital in a wheelchair and attended by a young doctor who for my feeling just got out of high school or at least could be my daughter. I told her, I had an infection and needed antibiotics. This young lady insisted she needed to take an X-ray. What a nonsense I thought. Just give me antibiotics, but I accepted.


A little while later, she came back with the X-ray. She showed my crystals in my joints. I HAD GOUT. 2 doctors in the USA had not recognized it, but this smart young doctor, had immediately recognized the symptoms, prescribed the medication and I bought enough of it to last me for a decade. After all, I did not want to go to doctors in the USA to get refills.


As a frequent visitor to Ecuador, I have all my dental work done in Ecuador. I had several crowns replaced and/or made. A crown in the USA typically goes for about $1000. I paid a little over $100 a piece. My wife needed a bridge, which in the USA was budgeted for $3000. Don't remember the precise price, but it was not more than a few hundred dollars. A regular filling is $20 and an X-ray $15. We got proper receipts which we deducted from our taxes. She also arranges preferential treatment. I had a molar prepared and  measured on a Thursday and placed on a Monday.


This lady dentist is very creative. My old front teeth had shortened over time. I asked her to put on a 1/8 inch (2mm) extension on top. Everybody told me that could not been done. Have had the extensions for over 2 years now and they are still there.


Anyway, these are a few personal experiences, why I have confidence in doctors and dentists in Latin America. Whether or not it would be something for you to contemplate is up to you. If you are taking a program with us, we can get you in contact with this dentist and doctors for other treatments if you wish. You deal with them personally. We only provide you the contacts and if needed a translator, but you deal with them yourself. We are a travel agency, not doctors.


But if you have some serious dental work or need other medical procedures, you can so to say earn a part or your entire tour back through savings on medical bills in your home country.


My dental clinic en Ecuador.

My best dentist in Ecuador in her clinic arranges speedy preferential treatment for Ecuador dental tourism.


Ecuador best Dentist for tourists

My best dentist in Ecuador.

Dentist in Ecuador placing a bridge for a tourist.



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