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Best Tours to the Amazon of Ecuador


Why are these the best Amazon Ecuador tours?

Lake Cuyabeno is an incredible marsh area in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, while another part of the Cuyabeno National Park, at the border with Peru, where three great nature reserves come together from Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, together forming about 2.5 million hectares of Amazon protected areas. At the Peruvian side of the border river, lives a wonderful Sequoia Indian community that host our guests. Other than this community, nobody even lives near this region and is one of the most isolated regions of the entire Amazon of Ecuador and Peru. Wildlife watching is great, and in the river mouth of the border river into the Aguarico River, one almost always finds Pink Dolphins. The area consists of a network of lakes and creeks, that often are covered with floating vegetation and fallen trees. Navigating in this area always requires some searching and exploring, as the floating vegetation moves about and may block passages to the lakes and creeks. As a result, this is the most adventurous part of Amazon to visit from Ecuador.





How to get on our Amazon Tours?

Our Amazon tours start in the Amazon towns of Lagoagrio or Coca. In Lagoagrio you board our private bus to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve entrance where you board our agile motorized canoe to our Cuyabeno Lodge.

In Coca you board a high velocity public river transport to the hamlet of Nuevorocafuerte at the border with Peru.


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Boy with butterfly in Cuyabeno.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: lunch in Cuyabeno.

Butterfly licking salt from boy's face.

Picnicking on a "blanket" of palm leaves.



Ecuador Amazon Tour, Day 1

Our transport meets you in Lagoagrio to take you in about 1 hour 30 minutes to the the canoe landing location Nuevo Uniion, on the Aguarico River.


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Aguarico River landscape.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Visitor canoe of the Cofan Nation.

Cuyabeno Loop route takes you on a 200km odyssey through the Western Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

The tourist canoe of the Cofan Lodge.


Upon arrival in Zabalo, you will be shown around in the village and taken to your cabins to freshen up and rest, as it has been a long day since your departure from Quito.


Cuyabeno Loop: Relaxing on the Cuyabeno Lodge deck during your Amazon visit in EcuadorCuyabeno Loop: Cofan Lodge Cabin.

The restaurant of our Cofan Lodge.

One of the cabins of the Cofan Lodge.


Upon arrival in Zabalo, you will be shown around in the village and taken to your cabins to freshen up and rest, as it has been a long day since your departure from Quito.


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Resting in hammocks at the Cofan Lodge when visiting the Amazon in Ecuador.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: an evening stroll through Z?alo village, the center of the Cofan tribe.

Relaxing in the hammocks in our restaurant.

A view of our Zabalo village.


In the evening, you will be taken on a night excursion to discover the critters of the night.


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Tree Frog of the Amazon Jungle seen on a night excursion when visiting the Amazon in Ecuador.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Grasshopper shedding skin.


Tree frogs are everywhere, but it is a bit difficult to spot them. The moment you think you finally have one in your camera, they leap away to never be found again smiley. On a rare occasion, with lots of luck you may catch the green eyes of a wandering Ocelot Cat in the beam of your flash light.


Ecuador Amazon Tour, Day 2

Early in the morning, we take on one of the few Ecuadorian black water rivers, where the clear water provides an ideal conditions for Giant Otters. Black water gets it color from decaying leaves fallen in the forested lowlands and swamps, while there are little or no sediments. There is also a vivid population of Scarlet Macaws as well as a great variety of tropical birds and monkeys.


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Cuyabeno Lodge welcome sign welcoming you on your Ecuador Amazon visitAMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: The black water of the Z?alo River mixing with the "white" -in reality coffey-with-cream colored sediment loaded River Aguarico.

The Zabalo River is one of the few clear black water rivers in the Amazon of Ecuador.

The clear black - sediment poor - water of the Zabalo river mixes with the sediment loaded water of the Aguarico River. The color comes from the soil particles dispersed in the water.


Ecuador Amazon Tour, Day 3

The day starts out with a discovery of the Cofan ways. You will be taught how to use a blowgun, and

get to see the traditional Cofan dresses.


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Learning how to shoot a blowgun.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Cofan and visitor children with the Cofan shaman.

Learning how to shoot with a blowgun.

The shaman with some of the children of the village and of visitors.


Ecuador Amazon Tour, Day 1


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Manioc plants in the Cofan vegetable garden.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Turtles being raised in the captive breeding program to restore turtle densities.

The traditional Cofan vegetable garden produces a part of your food.

The Cofan turtle breeding program has restored the turtle population in the Zabalo River.


After breakfast, we take you to the mouth of the Cuyabeno River, where usually some river dolphins hang out. From there you will be taken to the Canopy tower, to have an impression of the natural canopy.


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: The mouth of the Cuyabeno River as it poors into the River Aguarico.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Climbing the Canopy Tower of Cuyabeno.

The Mouth of the Cuyabeno River is frequented by Amazon Dolphins.

The highest canopy tower in Cuyabeno takes you all the way into the crown of a gigantic tree.


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: admiring the jungle as monkeys see it from the tree canopy.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Looking down from the Canopy tower at Cuyabeno.

Admiring the view from the canopy tower platform.

Looking down from the canopy tower.


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Pink Dolphin at the Amazon River in CuyabenoENDANGERED ANIMALS OF ECUADOR: Amazon manitees are often seen in the Cuyabeno Lake

Most of the time you will be able to spot an Amazon Dolphin (of course no we can never guarantee this) or maybe, if you are very lucky, even a Manatee.



Blue and Yellow Macaws fly noisily over the jungle, while Hoatzins whisper their hoarse sounds as they scope the Macrolobium trees for food. You may also hear the mysterious swelling sound of the Howler Monkeys or see a troop of squirrel monkeys bouncing through the treetops. In fact, 10 species of monkeys have been recorded in the reserve.


Ecuador Amazon Tour, Day 4


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: excursion on Lake CuyabenoAMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Birdwatching by visitors of the Amazon in Ecuador

Bird and wildlife watching


AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Achiote bixa Orellana shrubs provide a natural coloring.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Beautiful flowers enlighten Amazon visits in Ecuador.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Amazon rainforest plants include the Orchids growing in Cuyabeno. AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Heliconia in the Amazon tropical Rainforest seen when visiting the Amazon in Ecuador.

AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Blue and Yellow macaws can be frequently seen in Cuyabeno.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Brown Woolley Monkeys are common in Cuyabeno.

Blue and yellow Macaws are fairly common in Cuyabeno.

Brown Woolly Monkeys are also common in Cuyabeno.



AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Swamp trees, Macrolobiums, at Cuyabeno are frequently seen on Amazon visits in Ecuador.AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Liana or vine reaching for the tree crowns.



AMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Visitor on the Cuyabeno LoopAMAZON ECUADOR TOURS: Watching wildlife


The Cofan Lodge standard program will take you on a fabulous excursion into the Amazon jungle, after which it takes you back to the Cofan Lodge.


Ecuador Amazon Tour, Day 4

On day four, of the standard Amazon Ecuador Tour takes you back on a ride on the Aguarico River, and from there back to Quito.



What is essential to bring?

For this question we link to our special vacation packing list for the Amazon of Ecuador Tours.


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