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Mammals of Ecuador

Well, it is not quite complete, but this list of mammals of Ecuador is the best we could find for the moment, and will probably suite your purpose.



Mamíferos del Ecuador

Bueno, no es totalmente complete, pero esta lista de mamíferos del Ecuador es lo que encontramos y probablemente sirve tus necesidades. Lamento que los nombres comunes solo se presentan en inglés, pero no existe una buena lista de nombres comunes en español para mamíferos.



Primates of Ecuador

Colombian night monkey

Aotus lemurinus

Spix's Night monkey

Aotus vociferans

Coppery Titi Monkey Callicebus cupreus
Yellow-handed Titi Monkey Callicebus lucifer
Collared Titi Monkey Callicebus torquatus

Saddlebacked tamarin

Saguinus fuscicollis

Black Mantle Tamarin Saguinus nigricollis

Golden-mantled saddle-back tamarin

Saguinus tripartitus

White-fronted capuchin

Cebus albifrons

White-faced capuchin

Cebus capucinus

Brown Woolly Monkey Lagothrix lagotricha

Red howler monkey

Alouatta seniculus

Golden-mantled howling monkey

Alouatta palliata

Geoffroy's monk saki

Pithecia monachus

Long-haired spider monkey

Ateles belzebuth

Common squirrel monkey

Saimiri sciureus

Equatorial saki

Pithecia aequatorialis

Monk Saki Pithecia monachus
Pygmy marmoset Cebuella pygmaea


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ANIMALS OF ECUADOR RAINFOREST: Pink Dolphin at the Amazon River in CuyabenoMAMMALS OF ECUADOR: Vicuñas have been successfully introduced at the Chimborazo wildlife reserve.

MAMÍFEROS DEL ECUADOR: the Virginia Deer is common throughout Ecuador.MAMÍFEROS DEL ECUADOR: Vicuñas have been successfully introduced at the Chimborazo wildlife reserve.



Carnivores in Ecuador


Potus Flavus

Bush dog

Speothos venaticus

South american coati

Nasua nasua

Crab-eating raccoon

Procyon cancrivorus

Eyra cat

Herpailurus yaguarondi

Galapagos islands fur seal

Arctocephalus galapagoensis

Chilean pampa cat

Oncifelis colocolo

Giant otter

Pteronura brasiliensis

Neotropical otter

Lontra longicaudis

Mountain Lions

Puma concolor


Panthera onca

Short-eared dog

Atelocynus microtis


Leopardus pardalis

Peruvian desert fox

Psuedolopex sechurae

Little spotted cat

Leopardus tigrinus

Andean fox

pseudalopex culpaeus

Bushy-tailed olingo

Basaricyon gabbii


leopardus wiedii

Little coati

Nasuella olivacea

Amazonian hog-nosed skunk

Conepatus semistriatus

Greater grison

Galictis vittata


Eira barbara

Long-tailed weasel

Mustela frenata

Andean bear

Tremarctos ornatus

Tropical weasel

Mustela africana

Colombian weasel

Mustela felipei

La plata otter

Lontra longicaudis

Allen's olingo

Bassaricyon alleni


Dolphins, porpoises, and whales

Pink Amazon River Dolphin

Inia geoffrensis

Grey Amazon Dolphin

Sotalia fluviatilis

Long-beaked dolphin

Stenella longirostris

Rough-toothed dolphin

Steno bredanensis

Cuvier's beaked whale

Ziphius cavirostris


Megatera novaeangliae

Killer whale

Orcinus orca

Blainville's beaked whale

Mesophodon densirostris

False killer whale

Pseudorca crassidens

Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale

Mesoplodon ginkgodens

Atlantic dolphin

Delphinus delphis

Lesser beaked whale

Mesoplodon peruvianus

Pygmy sperm whale

Kogia breviceps

Fraser's dolphin

Lagenodelphis hosei

Common minke whale

Balaenoptera acutorostrata

Blue whale

Balaenoptera musculus

Common rorqual

Balaenoptera physalus

Pacific pilot whale

Globicephala macrorhynchus

Pygmy killer whale

Feresa attenuata


Ungulates in Ecuador

Collared peccary

Pecari tajacu

White-lipped peccary

Tayassu pecari

White-tailed deer

Odocoileus virginianus

North andean deer

Hippocamelus antisensis

Little red brocket deer

Mazana rifuna

Red brocket

Mazama americana

Brown brocket

Mazama goyazoupira

Northern pudu

Pudu mephistophiles

Brazilian tapir

Tapirus terrestris

Andean tapir

Tapirus pinchaque


Vicuna vicuna

Amazonian manatee

Trichechus inunguis



Bats in Ecuador

Long-legged bat

Macrophyllum macrophyllum

Commissaris's long-tongued bat

Glossophaga commissarisi

Buffy broad-nosed bat

Platyrrhinus infuscus

Lesser bulldog bat

Noctilio albiventris

Thumbless bat

Furipterus horrens

Salvin's big-eyed bat

Chiroderma salvini

Tent-maiking bat

Uroderma bilobatum

Brown tent-making bat

Uroderma magnirostrum

Miller's long-tongued bat

Glossophaga longirostris

Greater broad-nosed bat

Platyrrhinus vittatus

Greater bulldog bat

Noctilio leporinus

Little big-eyed bat

Chiroderma trinitatum

Handley's tailless bat

Anoura cultrata

Striped yellow-eared bat

Vampyressa nymphaea

Silver-tipped myotis

Myotis albescens

Pallas's long-tongued bat

Glossophaga soricina

Big free-tailed bat

Nyctinomops macrotis

Hairy big-eyed bat

Chiroderma villosum

Geoffroy's tailless bat

Anoura geoffroyi

Little yellow-eared bat

Vampyressa pusilla

Hairy-legged myotis

Myotis keaysi

Spectral bat

Vampyrum spectrum

Aratathomas's yellow-shouldered bat

Sturnira aratathomasi

Black myotis

Myotis nigricans

Lesser long-tailed bat

Choeroniscus minor

Bidentate yellow-shouldered bat

Sturnira bidens

Greater long-tailed bat

Choeroniscus periosus

Andesen's fruit-eating bat

Artibeus anderseni

Bogota yellow-shouldered bat

Sturnira bogotensis

Small big-eared brown bat

Histiotus montanus

Fraternal fruit-eating bat

Artibeus fraterculus

Hairy yellow-shouldered bat

Sturnira erythromos

Silver fruit-eating bat

Artibeus glaucus

Highland yellow-shouldered bat

Sturnira ludovici

Big crested mastiff bat

Promops centralis

Louis's yellow-shouldered bat

Sturnira luisi

Macconnell's bat

Mesophylla macconnelli

Brown mastiff bat

Promops nasutus

Greater yellow-shouldered bat

Sturnira magna

Jamaican fruit-eating bat

Artibeus jamaicensis

Tilda yellow-shouldered bat

Sturnira tildae

Big naked-backed bat

Pteronotus gymnonotus

Great fruit-eating bat

Artibeus lituratus

Brazilian free-tailed bat

Tadarida brasiliensis

Common vampire bat

Desmodus rotundus

Dark fruit-eating bat

Artibeus obscurus

White-winged vampire bat

Diaemus youngi

Pygmy fruit-eating bat

Artibeus phaeotis

Hairy big-eared bat

Micronycteris hirsuta

Northern ghost bat

Diclidurus albus

Toltec fruit-eating bat

Artibeus toltecus

Little big-eared bat

Micronycteris megalotis

White-bellied big-eared bat

Micronycteris minuta

Hairy little fruit bat

Rhinophylla alethina

Fischer's little fruit bat

Rhinophylla fischerae

Hairy-legged vampire bat

Diphylla ecaudata

Hawaiian hoary bat

Lasiurus cinereus

Dwarf little fruit bat

Rhinophylla pumilio

Southern yellow bat

Lasiurus ega

Greater dog-like bat

Peropteryx kappleri

Ecuadorian sac-winged bat

Balantiopteryx infusca

Lesser dog-like bat

Peropteryx macrotis

Proboscis bat

Rhynchonycteris naso

Pale-faced bat

Phylloderma stenops

Montane myotis

Myotis oxyotus

Striped hairy-nosed bat

Mimon crenulatum

Dark long-tongued bat

Lichonycteris obscura

Greater sac-winged bat

Saccopteryx bilineata

Pale spear-nosed bat

Phyllostomus discolor

Riparian myotis

Myotis riparius

Equatorial dog-faced bat

Molossops aequatorianus

Chestnut long-tongued bat

Lionycteris spurrelli

Frosted sac-winged bat

Saccopteryx canescens

Lesser spear-nosed bat

Phyllostomus elongatus

Velvety myotis

Myotis simus

Brazilian brown bat

Eptesicus brasiliensis

Peter's disk-winged bat

Thyroptera discifera

Handley's nectar bat

Lonchophylla handleyi

Lesser sac-winged bat

Saccopteryx leptura

Greater spear-nosed bat

Phyllostomus hastatus

Argentine brown bat

Eptesicus furinalis

Spix's disk-winged bat

Thyroptera tricolor

Black mastiff bat

Molossus ater

Western nectar bat

Lonchophylla hesperia

Harmles serotine

Eptesicus innoxius

Chestnut short-tailed bat

Carollia castanea

Bonda mastiff bat

Molossus bondae

Goldman's nectar bat

Lonchophylla mordax

Black bonneted bat

Eumops auripendulus

Seba's short-tailed bat

Carollia perspicillata

Pallas's mastiff bat

Molossus molossus

Orange nectar bat

Lonchophylla robusta

Dwarf bonneted bat

Eumops bonariensis

Fringe-lipped bat

Trachops cirrhosus

Ghost-faced bat

Mormoops megalophylla

Thomas's nectar bat

Lonchophylla thomasi

Short-headed broad-nosed bat

Platyrrhinus brachycephalus

Wagner's bonneted bat

Eumops glaucinus

Tomes's sword-nosed bat

Lonchorhina aurita

Thomas's broad-nosed bat

Platyrrhinus dorsalis

Western bonneted bat

Eumops perotis

Shaggy bat

Centronycteris maximiliani

Heller's broad-nosed bat

Platyrrhinus helleri

Smokey bat

Amorphochilus schnablii


Marsupials in Ecuador

Little rufous mouse opossum

Marmosa lepida

Andean slender mouse opossum

Marmosops impavidus

Water opossum

Chironectes minimus

White-eared opossum

Didelphis albiventris

Common opossum

Didelphis marsupialis

Murine mouse opossum

Marmosa murina

Robinson's mouse opossum

Marmosa robinsoni

Red mouse opossum

Marmosa rubra

White-bellied slender mouse opossum

Marmosops noctivagus

Brown four-eyed opossum

Metachirus nudicaudatus

Western woolly opossum

Caluromys lanatus

Short-furred woolly mouse opossum

Micoureus regina

Central american woolly opossum

Caluromys derbianus

Sepia short-tailed opossum

Monodelphis adusta

Black four-eyed opossum

Philander andersoni

Bushy-tailed opossum

Glironia venusta

Gray-bellied shrew opossum

Caenolestes caniventer

Blackish shrew opossum

Caenolestes convelatus

Silky shrew opossum

Caenolestes fuliginosus


Rodents in Ecuador

Forest rabbit

Sylvilagus brasiliensis

Green acouchi

Myoprocta acouchy

Aquatic rat

Anotomys leander

Red acouchi

Myoprocta exilis

Armored spiny rat

Makalata armata

Pacific spiny rat

Proechimys decumanus

Bicolored arboreal rice rat

Oecomys bicolor

Southern spiny pocket mouse

Heteromys australis

Ecuadoran spiny rat

Proechimys gularis

Foothill arboreal rice rat

Oecomys superans

Napo spiny rat

Proechimys quadruplicatus

Destructive pygmy rice rat

Oligoryzomys destructor

Dusky rice rat

Melanomys caliginosus

Tome's spiny rat

Proechimys semispinosus

Narrow-footed bristly mouse

Neacomys tenuipes

Fulvous pygmy rice rat

Oligoryzomys fulvescens

Bicolor-spined porcupine

Coendou bicolor

Amazon bamboo rat

Dactylomys dactylinus

Robust dark rice rat

Melanomys robustulus

Marsh rat

Holochilus sciureus

Simon's spiny rat

Proechimys simonsi

Central american agouti

Dasyprocta punctata

Spiny tree rat

Mesomys hispidus

Armored rat

Hoplomys gymnurus

Black agouti

Dasyprocta fuliginosa

Crab-eating rat

Ichthyomys hydrobates

Tomes's rice rat

Oryzomys albigularis

Stolzmann's crab-eating rat

Ichthyomys stolzmanni

Alfaro's rice rat

Oryzomys alfaroi

Tweedy's crab-eating rat

Ichthyomys tweedii

Ecuadorean rice rat

Oryzomys auriventer

Peruvian rice rat

Oryzomys balneator

Bolivar rice rat

Oryzomys bolivaris

Galapagos rice rat

Oryzomys galapagoensis

Hammond's rice rat

Oryzomys hammondi

Golden oldfield mouse

Thomasomys aureus

Mexican harvest mouse

Reithrodontomys mexicanus

Macconnell's rice rat

Oryzomys macconnelli


Dinomys branickii

Beady-eyed mouse

Thomasomys baeops

Talamancan rice rat

Oryzomys talamancae

Ashy-bellied oldfield mouse

Thomasomys cinereiventer

Yellowish rice rat

Oryzomys xantheolus

Arboreal soft-furred spiny rat

Diplomys caniceps

Ash-colored oldfield mouse

Thomasomys cinereus

Highland small rice rat

Microryzomys altissimus

Coues's climbing mouse

Rhipidomys couesi

Slender oldfield mouse

Thomasomys gracilis

Forest small rice rat

Microryzomys minutus

Broad-footed climbing mouse

Rhipidomys latimanus

Paramo oldfield mouse

Thomasomys paramorum

Amazon dwarf squirrel

Microsciurus flaviventer

White-footed climbing mouse

Rhipidomys leucodactylus

Thomas's oldfield mouse

Thomasomys pyrrhonotus

Western dwarf squirrel

Microsciurus mimulus

Dark tree rat

Echimys saturnus

Spotted bolo mouse

Bolomys punctulatus

Rhoads's oldfield mouse

Thomasomys rhoadsi

Forest oldfield mouse

Thomasomys silvestris

Andean leaf-eared mouse

Phyllotis andium

Bristly mouse

Neacomys spinosus

Olive montane mouse

Aepeomys lugens

Southern amazon red squirrel

Sciurus spadiceus

Red-tailed squirrel

Sciurus granatensis

Haggard's leaf-eared mouse

Phyllotis haggardi

Darwin's galapagos mouse

Nesoryzomys darwini

Mountain paca

Agouti taczanowskii

Guayaquil squirrel

Sciurus stramineus

Northern amazon red squirrel

Sciurus igniventris

Fernandina galapagos mouse

Nesoryzomys fernandinae

Brazilian guinea pig

Cavia aperea

Highland grass mouse

Akodon aerosus

South american spiny mouse

Scolomys melanops

Unexpected cotton rat

Sigmodon inopinatus

Indefatigable galapagos mouse

Nesoryzomys indefessus

Guinea pig

Cavia porcellus

Ecuadorean grass mouse

Akodon latebricola

Santiago galapagos mouse

Nesoryzomys swarthi

Soft grass mouse

Akodon mollis

Alfaro's rice water rat

Sigmodontomys alfari

Montane fish-eating rat

Neusticomys monticolus

Colombian forest mouse

Chilomys instans

Mira climbing rat

Tylomys mirae


Edentates in Ecuador

Giant armadillo

Priodontes maximus

Greater long-nosed armadillo

Dasypus kappleri

Common long-nosed armadillo

 Dasypus novemcinctus


Cabassous unicinctus






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