Prof. Dr. Flavio Coello

Prof. Dr. Flavio Coello was the first director of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in the early 80s. When the reserve became invaded by smallholder farmers from the Andes, he contacted his friend Parks Man Daan Vreugdenhil, then in the Netherlands, to help solve the problem.


Together they assessed the situation and advised the government to eliminate the invaded area of the then 150,000 ha reserve, and at the same time expand the area all the way to the border with Peru, growing it to 600,000 ha. Flavio lobbied hard to get the proposal agreed and carried out all the procedures for legal approval of the proposal. As the area had no ecotourism to speak off, the 2 friends facilitated the construction of the Cuyabeno Lodge, of which Daan was the founding father.


Later, Flavio became professor at the Catholic University in Quito (PUCE), where is his still teaching Ecotourism and Protected Areas Planning. Few people in Ecuador know the protected areas of the country like Flavio, and with his broad knowledge of ecotourism, he is the ideal partner of Parks and Tribes. Loved by his students for his knowledge of nature and charming humor, Flavio has helped countless young Ecuadorians to a fulfilling professional life.